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Industry 4.0 and connectivity open many doors for industry. The opportunities are numerous for process improvement, monitoring, maintenance, but the cyber attack risks are increasing. Cyber security systems at IT level prevent most intrusions, but not all. Cyber criminals are fast and inventive, so it requires significant resources to remain up to date. Once passed the firewall, one can modify process parameters out of the operator’s sight. This can result in process degradation, loss of productivity or breakdown. Finding the source of the problem is time consuming as no indicator can be trusted. Financial consequences are high, with days or weeks of production loss.

AIoTrust technology continuously compares data at IT and OT levels. In case of un-expected deviation, an alert is immediately transferred to the process management team. Security actions can be pre-defined to protect the assets.
Monitoring level 0 data at asset level enables real time action and fast trouble shooting.
The solution is also very effective for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance

Our offer is comprised of 3 Elements:
Our offer: Hardware, software and services

Plug and play units
● Secondary units: Non-intrusive acquisition of I/O data flows passing between the control system and the physical process
● Primary units: Real-time backup and data sending to IOT private Cloud
● Independence from PLCs or field networks, adapts to all control systems

Analysis and control software
● AI Analysis for early detection of deviations
● Control software and alert management
● Data analytics and visualization
● Remote management

Expert Services
● Installation and support
● Control system Functional Analysis
● Customization to respond to system specificities
● Development of custom security actions
● Training

Key Features
Our offer: Hardware, software and services


Railways and transportation
PowerGrid and Energy
Water & Environment
Automotive Industry
Defence and Aerospace
Process Industry
Medical Infrastructure
Semiconductor industry
Research Infrastructures

AIoTRUST: More than a name

AIoTrust is a start-up that benefits from more than 20 years of research and development in the laboratories INSA Lyon (Fr) and Grenoble INP (Fr).

● Within the Industry 4.0 megatrend, our ambition is to bring real added value to industrial process control by protecting the assets that drive production.

AIoTrust technology captures process signals in real time at the asset level with a much faster sampling rate than current control systems and transmit them to an independent monitoring system for the teams in charge of production analysis and optimization.

● This allows early detection of any process deviation coming from deterioration, human errors, programming errors and cyber attacks coming from non-"hermetic" higher IT layers of the company

About us

Frederic Breussin, co-founder, CEO,

Skills: 15 years expertise in marketing and strategy consulting in the field of sensors and actuators.

Eric ZAMAI, co-founder,

Professeur in Cyber-Security of industrial systems at INSA Lyon
Skills: Predictive maintenance Cybersecurity of Cyber-Physical Systems Operational safety Industrial Control-Command

Quoc Bao DUONG, co-founder,

PhD in Security & industrial automation at Grenoble INP
Skills: Expert in industrial command and control and specialist in the diagnosis of complex systems based on artificial intelligence algorithms and models.

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